Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday Update

Well, we've been finding an egg a day in the hutch, and a few days ago we found two so I'm sure there is more than one chicken laying, but we still haven't figured out who it is (besides Hyacinth). The girls are having a lot of fun going out there to check for eggs!

With the holidays behind us we are getting back to routine around here, getting lots of school done, and the middle girls started up gymnastics again this week. Sophia got a ribbon for her vaults on her first day back!

Here are some funny shots of Anna, taken this morning, with her new, ummm....Fun toy purse thing that sings and will soon have no batteries. ;) She was making it play this little tune over and over and dancing along, with her tutu around her ankles. She will only wear the tutu around her ankles for some reason, and sadly by the time she's old enough to explain this to me she won't remember it. Good thing we got pictures I guess.


Anthony said...

I think she wears the tutu around her ankles because it makes it look like her body is supported by a pink cloud.

birthright midwife said...

I think it is because she doesn't want anyone to see her kankles.