Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year, Keri's simple resolution

I'm posting my new year's resolution here, to remind myself to keep it, and to keep myself accountable. It's actually nothing grand and shouldn't be hard to do, but I have a little addiction that is doing me no good and I'm going to stop it. Here it is:

I hereby resolve to stop reading doomsday predictions on the internet. There is one blog in particular (I won't name it but my family knows it) that I won't read anymore. That's it.

I am not going to go into this year afraid of the impending Zombie apocalypse, or even another Great Depression, but rather I will believe that we Americans are smart and resourceful and will face the coming challenges and overcome them. I have no faith that our new president or my local and state governments will save us, but I'm also going to be optimistic that they won't do us in either. Very optimistic, I know, but optimism is the central core of my resolution.

It will definitely be interesting to see what this year brings.

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