Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Anna answers the phone

I just got off of the phone with a very confused and (thankfully) amused woman who was calling our house to talk to Margaret about the homeschool drama group the kids are doing...

I saw Anna walking around with the phone and talking like she was having a conversation with someone, and I just thought she was playing with the phone like she often does. I did notice she seemed to be talking a lot more than usual, and saying things like "Need Fofie? (Sophie)" and "Sure" and "Hello" over and over again. I was commenting to Margaret that it's too bad that she won't actually talk like that when there's someone on the line, and something clicked in my head so I decided to get the phone and see if anyone was there. And there was! Hee hee.

I think Anna heard the phone ringing and picked up and started talking, because it wasn't a number we have programmed in for her to accidently call.

So that's one more thing for me to keep an eye on around here.

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