Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hello! Back again.

I have finished Which Witch. It was really funny! Check my list of Favorite books and movies below to see my rating. We recently developed this routine of having tea every afternoon around three or four o'clock. It is nice to have some sit down time when every one is not screaming!

Once there lived a little sailor girl that flew up on the sea and saw her grandfather up in the lighthouse. Her grandmother was in the kitchen baking an apple spice pie. They had so much fun until it was time for her to go home to her mommy and daddy. When she got home her mother was baking another apple spice pie. She was so happy that she ate it all up!

That was Sophia's story.

see ya,

Monday, February 26, 2007

First Post.... by Margaret

This is my first post on the blog that I bugged Mom forever to create. I hope to post what we are up to , and some of our favorite movies, books, and recipes.We were studying composers such as Mozart and Tchaikovsky (did I spell that right?) this morning and listening to the second aria of The Magic Flute in opera REALLY loud. This afternoon we were serving tea in kimonos, and eating leftover rice balls on a low table. We have been busy, at least I have.

I have been reading a lot of fantasy books such as Eragon, Dragon Rider.... I am looking forward to reading Eragon's sequel Eldest. I have also been reading some books by Eva Ibbotson. She wrote Star of Kazan, which I really liked and I am reading Which Witch.

I better sign out.