Wednesday, September 24, 2008


We have entered the world of the screaming protests of toddlerhood. Anna is 19 months old now, and she has discovered her voice. Anything that is not to her liking is met with screaming and foot stamping, and just the other day she sat down and started banging her head on the floor. So much anguish for such a little person.

We're still at the stage where it's cute to see her expressing herself like that, but when she started getting loud at the store yesterday, and the nice little old lady in front of us in line started giving us looks that could kill, I began wondering for how long I will be amused by it. I think we will have to start planning our shopping for times when she can stay home for now. I love to bring the kids with me, but when we reach the point of having to forget half the list and just get out before they kick us out I guess we have to come up with a new plan. :) (That's me, still smiling.)

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Phoebe Gleeson said...

Oh man, I hate the headbang. And the hairpull, and the faceclaw.

Here's looking to the other end of the toddler tunnel.