Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Update, of silverware and dreams

We have had a soggy week with much rain and more in the forecast. Not much else notable is happening, just the usual endless stream of silliness with the occasional screaming fit added in for variety.

Sophie and Ellie have recently developed a weird habit of bringing several forks a piece to the table during meals, and having them all talk to each other and act out dramatic scenes while they eat with their fingers. Even Anna joined in the other day by holding up her fork to the other girls and saying "hello!"

Ellie had a bad dream last night and woke up yelling "no!" She later told me a long, drawn-out tale of how she dreamed she was running and then she ran into Count Olaf (this is a character from a movie the kids have seen) with Hanna's two sisters, and she said "can we eat this?" because they were hungry and a scary guy chased them around and then they ran into count Olaf's office and he had food, so they ate his cookies. It was very cute to hear her explain the dream. This is Ellie's nightmare world, scary guy and lack of cookies.

I also had a really bad dream last night in which my mother (sorry, Mom :) came to visit and painted every wall in my house a pale yellow. It looked awful. So glad it was just a dream. I guess my nightmare world is one where someone else is taking over and making bad home decorating decisions for me.

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Phoebe Gleeson said...

oh goodness! you made me laugh.

Sweet dreams!