Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Random Silliness

We have been joking about making a music score for our 'Jacobs Circus, the Musical'. Ellie makes up so many little songs, it gave us the idea to do a musical of our life.

The list of songs so far:
  • Chuggy Chan, an ode to Maggie the bear-dog (this is one of her silly nicknames),
  • Chubbly Bubbly Boo, an ode to Anna. Chubbly Bubbly Boo is one of Anna's silly nick names.
  • The Rain Song. Ellie sang this song when she played in the rain a few days ago, which goes like "When you get in the rain, you are wet! You're not dry! You are cold! You're not warm!" I wish I filmed Ellie singing that one.
  • I Do Believe In Sandwiches. In the newer Peter Pan, they have a part where they bring Tinkerbell back to life by saying "I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!", Ellie randomly started singing "I do believe in sandwiches! I do! I do!".

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Keri said...

The "I do believe in fairies" bit is part of the original Peter Pan, not just the newer movie. We have a copy, you really should read it.