Monday, August 11, 2008

We Like Oklahoma!

The middle girls (Sophie and Ellie) spent a week with Grandpa Jim and Grandma Jo last week. They had a great time and we enjoyed some unusual silence and peace around the house. We drove down over the weekend to pick them up and decided the great state of Oklahoma was looking particularly lovely. See:

We took a short detour off of I-35 and drove a few miles down historic Route 66 to get to a fun little rest stop called Pops, where they have hundreds of varieties of soda, a giant soda bottle sculpture that lights up at night (we hear), an enormous cantilevered awning structure, and walls that are very tempting to climb up, especially for little blond girls that can't read the "please do not climb the walls" sign.

Giant bottle sculpture:

Huge cantilever:

Jacobses going in:

Cool soda bottle display wall:

Jacobses inside:

Middle girl scale figures:

Little blond girl, thinking "I can climb right up that!":

Side view from far away:

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Anthony said...

POPS is a super cool place. I visited the website for POPS and found out that the architect is Rand Elliot.