Thursday, August 28, 2008

This Week's Adventures

Yesterday we caught this little baby mouse in the backyard. The chickens were making a huge squawking fuss and chasing something around that they found in the grass and I thought at first that it was a cricket. When I realized it was a little mouse I grabbed a jar and caught it. The girls and I fed it some of the guinea pigs' food and then took it to the Great Plains Nature Center to set it free in the lovely tall grass prairie. This all seemed a little hypocritical since I killed what was almost certainly one of its' relatives in the garage a few days ago. We have mice...and I'm not looking forward to this winter when they all decide to move inside. Anyway, this one was very cute and we had a nice walk to set it free.

This is a cute little shot of Anna when she woke up yesterday and Margaret was showing her the mouse. She was sleepy and looked rather confused.

Today it's HOT again and Ellie spent some time cooling down in the backyard.

I'm starting to feel that longing for cool weather and fires again. I should probably be careful what I wish for. :)

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