Saturday, August 16, 2008

Food we grew

In taking stock of the productivity of our humble garden, I'm thinking back over the meals we've enjoyed from it. A few of the things I planted (spinach and onions) just did nothing, and since I don't know why, I'm thinking of skipping them next year. A few others (kale and swiss chard and lettuce and basil) just keep going and going and I'll definitely do them again. The tomatoes are finally ripening and we're loving them...I did 8 plants this year and I'd like to do a few more next year. Tony and I are hoping to put in a few more raised beds this fall so we can expand the garden and more easily rotate crops.

These were from the first potato pot I dug up. Three of the four pots did great, but in one of them all of the plants died and the potatoes turned to mush. I don't think it was disease, I suspect I over-watered them. I'm thinking of trying growing potatoes in straw next year, rather than in the pots.

We had the potatoes with some of the green cabbage. We still haven't harvested the red cabbage. Cabbage it turns out is fairly easy to grow, but next time I'll cover it with a floating row cover to keep the moths out and avoid problems with cabbage loopers.

I planted lots and lots of basil and we LOVE pesto, so that's a definite do-over.

Last week I roasted some of the tomatoes with some peppers we grew and made salsa. We have a big bowl of tomatoes and we're just snacking on them. I don't think it's possible to have too many tomatoes.

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