Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools

This morning, as I got up and headed down the hallway with Anna in tow, passing the bathroom, I glanced in and noticed a rather obvious crumpled piece of plastic wrap hanging down the side of the toilet. I continued into the kitchen and told Margaret to go and remove the plastic wrap, because this isn't really a funny joke and it would be very messy if someone went potty. She sheepishly went to remove the wrap, I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down to check my email.
When, a minute later, I heard a splashing noise behind me I looked back to see Margaret at the sink, covered with water, hastily removing a rubber band from the sprayer. This time she was apparently caught by her own trap.

I proceeded to give her a little talk about jokes that are funny and those that are just plain messy and mean and admonished her not to try and do anymore April Fools jokes. Her response: "I didn't mean to mom."

It seems she somehow accidently put plastic wrap on the toilet and a rubber band on the sink sprayer. Rrrrriiiiight.

Gotta love her :).

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