Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sophia's Fashion Designs

Here is a sampling of outfits for girls, designed by Sophia. The descriptions are by Sophia, just typed by mom. :)

A violet skirt with a pretty Valentine's Day shirt and heart-shaped earrings. This outfit comes with a green belt, peach high heels and a purple rose.

A green and peach party dress with a pretty heart-shaped necklace that is pink, and pretty blue high heels.

This outfit comes with a violet purse and high heel boots. The dress has pretty orange ribbons for straps and can be worn on a date or to a party.

This outfit has a brown shirt and blue pants with a pretty pink belt; the jewelry is a pretty heart-shaped necklace and pretty earrings; the shoes are violet purple and come with the outfit also.

This is a wedding dress for a flower girl, or it can also be worn to a party or everywhere you go.

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