Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Anna-boo!

Yesterday our littlest JacobsCircus performer had her first birthday. We survived it, although just barely. Our original plan was to have a party at Grandma's house with family and a few friends, so Margaret and I spent the day making cakes and food and ignoring the mess the little girls were making all over the house. This backfired pretty badly when most of the family canceled at the last minute and we had to call everyone and invite them over here, instead. :)

Tony stepped up and did a quick clean-up, though, and Margaret and I served up the food, and our guests came over and we had a really nice evening. We have lots of food leftover, though!

Here's Anna with her birthday cupcake, flavor: pink.

Sophie and Zephyr enjoyed them as well.

Anna followed first birthday tradition and got nice and messy!

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