Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday (all day)

Happy Birthday Sophia! (our big 7-year-old girl)

Sophia's Birthday Shrinky Dinks

Twin Pinkys (from The Cute Book)

The Birthday Girl

Birthday Cupcake Picture

Happy Birthday to our friend Chris, too, who sometimes reads this blog and doubtless remembers Sophia's birth since she was there. :)


Chris said...

Thank you for your birthday wish to me! I hope both birthday girls had wonderful days! My 31st birthday was one of the best in that Sophie entered the world that day and I was there to see the first moments of her life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SOPHIE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ANNA, too! (8 days late!)


Keri said...

Hi Chris! :)

Anonymous said...

oh my, the girls are getting old!!