Thursday, October 11, 2007

Idiopathic vestibular disease

This is what our old dog Maggie has, we think. She had this a few weeks ago and it was very alarming, she was stumbling everywhere and very ill, but she improved within 48 hours. Last week she had a relapse, and although she's doing better she looks just like the dog in the linked article, with her head at a sort of permanent tilt. It's kind of cute, really, it fits her personality. She has always been a bit aloof and somewhat confused-looking...when she was a younger dog we always referred to her as the Doubtful Guest because she bore a resemblance to this Edward Gorey character.

It's difficult watching her age, she's a good old girl.


Anthony said...

I'm glad you figured this out about Maggie. The vet didn't seem to think she was sick from heart disease, even though the falling down was similar to Polly's last days, but didn't really know what it was that was causing it.

I'm glad that although the symptoms can make her look a little odd that she is not likely to be in pain and can live a pretty normal life.

Margaret said...

That story the doubtful guest cracks me up!