Thursday, August 16, 2007

Exciting things are happening at the Jacobses...

We just haven't taken the time to blog about them!
For starters, the playroom is up and running (I don't have any pictures, you'll just have to take my word for it.)
Margaret, who has been wanting an electric guitar for some time, saved up enough babysitting money to buy one at last and now has a new guitar and amp (once again, no pictures, I'm trying to persuade her to let me make a video of her playing it.)
Sophia got a great new haircut and is mostly happy with it. I'm very happy with it because she looks super cute and her very curly hair is much easier to detangle when it's not so long.

I don't have any news about Ellie, but she's doing well and behaving like a crazy 3 year old.

Anna is now sitting on her own and putting lots of random stuff in her mouth.

Here's a happy picture of the four girls:

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