Monday, July 23, 2007

The Monday After

We finished reading the Deathly Hallows yesterday, I enjoyed it immensely, and I think we all feel better knowing what became of Harry! This morning it's back to life as usual after several weeks of crazy. We re-arranged the bedrooms so that the girls now have a "dormitory" where they will all sleep and a "playroom" where they can spread out and do their thing. We have before and during pictures, but no after pictures yet because the work is still in progress. We also spent a nice week at Grandpa Jim and Grandma Jo's house where we visited with Aunt Lena and Baby Katherine.

This morning Sophie and Ellie had a snack outside on the grassy knoll.

And Ellie made this picture of Harry Potter (in the center), and his friends Ron (on the left) and Hermione (on the right, wearing her "time stopper" around her neck.) The squares at the bottom are the steps, according to Ellie, I think this is a scene from The Prisoner of Azkaban movie. I thought it was remarkable for a just barely 3-year-old.

Here I go to try and clean up the house!
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