Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Our Pets

Blaise is a smooth coated border collie. He may have some blue heeler in him too. We got him from the Kansas Humane Society when he was six months old. He is a year and a half old now. He was sick with Parvovirus when we got him, but he is a survivor.
He also is a big love sponge, he's my dog :). Despite being real cute, he's still a buthead. He took our pansies and ripped them up today! He also counter surfs, a trait from being a stray. He is the alpha dog.

Maggie is a rough coat border collie. We also got her from the Kansas Humane Society. She chases brooms, vacuums, and anything that moves. This includes people's feet. She is hand shy and hates getting brushed. She puts up with Blaise, her character is pretty submissive. She is thirteen years old. She has arthritis and is pretty grouchy.

Our guinea pig, Patch, is three years old. Her birthday is June 1st. She is sisters with Penny. We got them from some friends in Overland Park. She is pretty shy and skittish. Their hutch was built by Grandpa Jim (thank you! :) last summer.

Penny is Patch's sister. They share everything. Her personality is not so skittish, she is more brave than her sister.

Our betta fish, Princess Leia, was named by Sophia after the Star Wars character. I got him from our church Fall Festival as a prize for a game. We have had him since last October. I let Sophia name him to make up for the fact that she couldn't get one. This is because they only had male fish, we had one bowl, and males kill and eat each other.

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