Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Shenanigans

On this rainy, dreary, inside morning I was in the kitchen making pancakes while the girls, who were supposed to be getting dressed, were arguing in the living room. I heard Sophie shouting "Ellie, you take me off that list right now!" so I went to investigate. I found Ellie prancing around with the following paper and taunting her sisters:

I confiscated it like a good teacher, but I couldn't help giggling at Eleanor's phonetic spelling of "crimnuls", "cuoot" and "jooleu". What a stinker.

Sophie, in her never-ending quest to master every bit of information the world has to offer about horses, immediately went back to her reading about horse evolution and telling me at great length what a shame it is that those tiny rabbit-sized horse ancestors in her book are now extinct so we can't get one.

Meanwhile, Anna and Julia were in the kitchen squabbling over their favorite toy oven rack. Anna won, of course, but Julia is learning to fight back and I'm sure will soon become a force to be reckoned with.


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bionicsquirrel said...

Umm, does that say that Anna is Crazy and Ellie and Sophia are criminals? Too funny.

Keri said...

Yes Bianca, you read it correctly. Tony and I are on the "nice-mean" list. :)