Thursday, December 4, 2008

Busy, Busy

Well, in spite of a scary tire blow-out on the interstate on our way home, we are safely back in Wichita and the Christmas season is now in full swing. For us that means not so much shopping and decorating (well, a little bit of decorating) but rehearsals and dress rehearsals and performances and caroling until we're all ready to collapse. Between Margaret's "Best Christmas Pageant Ever" play and the actual Christmas pageant that the girls are doing at church and the homeschool group and a few office parties thrown in for good measure we will be going non stop for the next two weeks. At least we now have new tires to get around on!

Here's a little co-sleeping funny before I go:
Tony woke up from a trying night's sleep yesterday and told me he's decided that our two youngest children should be re-named Scylla and Charybdis after the mythical monsters. Anna, the all-night nursling as Charybdis of course, and Eleanor, who has her own bed but always wakes up sometime after midnight to climb into our bed and kick and poke Tony for the rest of the night, as Scylla. The more I think about it the more fitting it seems!

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