Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Update

My cleaning efforts have been hampered lately by Eleanor's paper dolls.

She makes dozens of them each day

And leaves them all over the house

They are really cute, though.

We had several nights below freezing this week so I've been cleaning up and mulching over the garden for the season. Today we cut down the cannas that grow next to our patio, which means that the chickens will have to find a new favorite hiding place until next summer.

We have about as many leaves on the ground as there are on the trees now.

Maggie isn't doing too well, but for now we're just waiting to see what happens with her. I believe we will have to put her to sleep soon, and it looks like I will have to take her. I'm not looking forward to it, but I suppose when the time comes we'll just do what needs to be done.


birthright midwife said...

Poor sweet Mags. Can we come by this week to see her (and the gang)?

I like the paper dolls, Ellie has mad skills.

Keri said...

Yes, I have a favor to ask you...I'll call you.

Madeline said...

I am sorry you have to put her to sleep Aunt Keri. Love, Madeline

Keri said...

Thank you Maddie, we're very sad that Maggie is sick. We still haven't put her to sleep yet, but I'll post about it when we do.

Aunt Keri