Thursday, December 20, 2007

What's under your table?

After seeing this comic, Margaret and I have observed the mess that Sophie and Ellie are making right now, and we feel that we might just have her beat. Here's what's under our kitchen table right now:

one eggshell,
a can of pinto beans (unopened),
a bendy pen,
half-finished friendship bracelet,
102 small bits of broken crayon,
5 or so colored pencils,
237 scraps of paper,
a pink sweater,
a basket,
a box,
a library book,
a toy ladel and soup pan,
3 ziploc bags,
a phone book,
a phone book cover,
kumihimo instruction book,
broken watercolor box,
swiffer broom,
tipped trash can,
parts of a purple silk flower,
big, wide, 84-year-old midwestern bear dog (aka Maggie),
10 broken pencils

That just about covers it. It helps to keep this in perspective if I point out that yesterday afternoon the table and floor were completely clean. Sigh.

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